Success Stories

I became a H.E.A.T instructor because lifting weights can be boring, but H.EA.T makes it fun! I’ve always enjoyed a great heart-pumping workout that
tones and sculpts my body. H.E.A.T helped me develop a stronger core, coordination  and stamina, which made me want to help provide those benefits to others. I love helping people torch calories and transform their bodies while having fun lifting weights to the beat of music!

–  Latasha Bryant

“Heat is a one of a kind experience unlike any other workout. It’s a fun way to get in shape and has helped me become the person I knew I could be. I have gained muscle in parts of my body that I didn’t even know existed! When taking a heat class I sometimes forget that I’m working out because I’m having so much fun. It’s a genuinely exciting way to stay in shape, and I always leave looking forward to the next class. Heat is my favorite way to workoutAnd always pushes me to work harder!”

–  Lauren Cross

“My first HEAT class I didn’t know what to expect! I imagined old school aerobic exercises! Attending Crissy’s HEAT totally changed my perspective! Her arm exercises were simple enough to do at home yet challenging enough to cause my arms to be sore, days after! That being said, I’ve been able to find time, during the day, to do arm toning. I appreciate there not being too many moves to remember/follow, just repetitive moves with an increase or decrease in weight!”

–  Tamera Leach

“I just burned 527 calories doing the most amazing, fun workout! We need this class in Norman! HeatWave Fitness! A big thank you to Crissy Smith & Angie Belveal Turney for turning me on to it! Officially obsessed!”

–  Kelly Anderson

“Zumba is fun and gets my heart rate up, but the HEAT class is by far my favorite. I’m getting my muscle tone back so quickly and that’s all the lifting I do right now!!!”

–  Brandy Anderson

“I have been taking and enjoying Zumba classes for over five years; the only thing missing was toning. Then I walked into Crissy’s HEAT class. Within ten minutes I felt muscles I hadn’t felt in years. I fell in love with the class within 30 minutes.  It is challenging and fun plus it’s a perfect class before Zumba.”

–  Rhonda Johnson

“I have attended many different classes at the YMCA, Step, BOSU, bootcamp, body pump, etc.  All of the classes were ok, I mostly just went for exercise, not because I enjoyed them. When I heard about HEAT, I was anxious to try it.  I was excited to be challenged in a new way.  I was always intimidated using the barbells and weights in the body pump class.  I was never confident in the way I was holding the bar, always afraid I was going to pull a muscle or hurt my back.  The light weights and high repetitions are really challenging, in a good way.  I have always enjoyed dance classes however it never provided any arm exercise.  Heat combines my love of dance  and increases my strength and muscle tone in my arms.”

–  Christa Starck